Benefits: Control Comfort

Efficient windows enhance comfort using modern technologies such as low-e (emissivity) coatings, efficient frames, and other materials. They keep interior temperatures consistent and comfortable, and reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems. The Windows Selection Tool will help you to find the right types of windows for your house and climate.

In cold climates, efficient windows minimize the gaps in temperature between the glass surface and the rest of a house. When this temperature gap is too large, cold air forms near windows. Because heat rises, these cold drafts drop to the floor, creating air-movement patterns that cause heat loss. Efficient windows prevent this problem, and adding weatherstripping or caulking around the window will help by reducing air leakage.

In any climate, sunlight can pass through windows and add unwanted heat. A double-paned window has a gap in between the panes, and filling it with an inert gas such as argon or krypton will provide more heat-blocking capacity. Windows with low-e coatings also block more external heat from passing through without interfering with views and natural light. You can learn more about these window technologies in the Windows Types and Parts section of this website.