Replacement Windows for Existing Homes

Window Selection Tool

Use the Window Selection Tool for existing homes (replacement windows) to compare performance of 20 different window types in your location. The Window Selection Tool will take you through a series of design conditions pertaining to your design and location. It is a step-by-step decision-making tool to help determine the most energy efficient window for your house.

Use the Window Selection Tool for Replacement Windows to do the following:

  • Compare how various window or skylight types affect estimated energy cost for a typical house in your location.
  • Get general feedback on certain design conditions such as orientation, shading and window area.
  • Find manufacturers who offer windows and skylights within the categories shown.
  • Learn more about manufacturers’ specific product options.

Assessing Options

This section provides guidance the options available to improve the performance of your existing windows or to replace them. You can assess whether to repair, retrofit or replace your existing windows.

Window Selection Process

This section provides step-by-step guidance on the window selection process for replacement windows including issues of code, energy, durability, and installation.

Design Guidance

This section provides Design Guides that examine the energy use impacts of windows for homes in hot, mixed and cold climates. They show the the impact of orientation, window area, and shading. The energy use has been calculated for various window design variations including 5 orientations (equal, north, east, south, and west), 3 glazing areas, 20 glazing types, and 5 shading conditions.

Window Installation

This section is to provide guidance to ensure that proper installation is necessary for optimal window performance, to ensure an airtight fit and avoid water leakage.