Types and Parts: Low_E Coating

Low-emissivity coatings are transparent metallic layers, thinner than a human hair, that are applied to the surfaces of glass during the manufacturing process. Windows with low-e coatings are similar to tinted glass because they can block solar rays, keeping the temperature in your home more consistent, but do not drastically change the color of a window or darken interiors. They make windows about 10% to 15% more expensive, but reduce energy loss by 30% to 50%, boosting efficiency and lowering monthly utility bills.*  

Window manufacturers use different types of low-e coatings in different climates, and the Window Selection Tool will find the right versions for your home. In cold climates, they block more heat from escaping a house, and in hot climates they block heat from entering it. In moderate climates, low-e coatings balance heat blocking and heat retention. 


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