Selection Process

If you’ve assessed your windows and decided to replace them, these simple steps will help you find efficient options that are right for your home and budget, and currently available in stores, online, or through your contractor:

1.- Start With The Basics

If you’re not sure what kind of windows to buy, read more about  the  types and  parts  of windows, and  about the  benefits of efficient windows.  

2.- Check the Ratings

All new windows must meet local building code requirements, but not all offer the benefits of efficiency, such as lower utility bills and increased comfort. Take these three steps toward efficiency: 

  • NFRC Ratings: NFRC’s  easy-to-understand efficiency  ratings are  displayed on labels affixed to windows, and help you  make  comparisons before buying. They should remain in place until after installation, and once removed become part of the documentation you’ll need to qualify for any rebates or incentives you may be eligible to receive from utilities and from state and local governments.  
  • ENERGY STAR®:Windows  certified by  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s  ENERGY STAR  program save homeowners an average of 12% on monthly utility bills. Windows are not eligible for  ENERGY STAR  certification  unless first rated by NFRC. 
  • MOST EFFICIENT: ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient program recognizes products that use cutting-edge technologies to deliver the greatest efficiency.  

3.- Use The Window Selection Tool

The  Window Selection Tool  searches our database for a list of NFRC-certified and ENERGY STAR windows that are currently available  and a  good  fit for your home. This will depend on your climate, exterior landscaping, and the direction the windows face.

4.- Find Rebates and Incentives

To see all state and local programs offering rebates, incentives, and other financial help, enter your zip code in the  Database of  State Incentives for Renewables and EfficiencyYou will need the NFRC label on your window as part of the documentation needed to qualify for them, so keep the label in your files after removing it.  

5.- Ensure Proper Installation

Without proper installation, even the best windows may leak. If you’re working with a contractor, ensure they are qualified. Window manufactureroften maintain lists of installation partners most familiar with their products, as well as  maintenance  guidelines. Using an installer certified by  InstallationMasters®  will also ensure a proper installation.